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Dead Jew Walking


Written by Don Finto

What a blessing to read Hugh Nemets\’ Dead Jew Walking. Hugh is a man of character, a gentle, passionate man of God. I wept my way through his well-crafted account of God\’s continual pursuit of him, from his days as an insecure and often angry Jewish atheist to the transformation that came immediately when he accepted his Messiah, then through the insidious complacency that can engulf us, to the man God has made him to be today.

I have only known Hugh as a Godly man who loves Lisa and his children well, and who is well loved by them and by a host of other believers who meet regularly together for worship and prayer. His account of life before Jesus and the transformation that immediately followed is a powerful testimony of the goodness of God and of God\’s present-day work to call Jewish people to Himself. That part of Hugh\’s life reminds me of Francis Thompson\’s poem, The Hound of Heaven. “I fled him down the days and down the years… I fled him down the labyrinthine ways of my own mind…” Hugh had no intention of receiving Jesus until one night when he had come to the end of himself.

The suffering Hugh has experienced in recent years is beyond our ability to comprehend. However the apostle Paul calls suffering God\’s way of producing character. “We rejoice in our suffering, because we know that suffering produces perseverance, and perseverance character” (Rom 5:3). That, too, has been a part of Hugh and Lisa\’s lives. Both have become gentle, compassion, kind and loving disciples of Jesus. You will appreciate the account of their pilgrimage.

– Don Finto

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